After long period of darkness and winter freeze, the beginning of spring feels like an explosion into light and colour, and despite our deep longing for milder times its overwhelming power is almost too much to bear. This dramatic change of season is captured perfectly by Igor Stravinsky’s ballet “The Rite of Spring”, a story about a girl who gets chosen by the villagers to dance herself to death to appease the pagan Gods. Stravinsky’s music was particularly groundbreaking due to its mechanical and almost crude nature, which was perfectly reflected in the ballet itself as well as the modernist interpretation of peasant costumes.

Ss15 collection captures the transformation from early spring into full bloom of summer and acts as cruise and summer collection all in one.

Kristian Steinberg takes a great leap toward a more casual style yet without compromising any of the cool edginess manifested in the silhouette and the contrasting materials. The ultra thin Japanese wool and paper like cotton manifest real attitude but are very comfortable to wear and suggest a casual almost lazy way

of dressing. Shirts in cotton voile and crinkled fine polyester are real hot summer must-haves and the oversized collarless shirt takes the silhouette to similar territory as the maxi shorts.

Trousers are the key items of this collection and are available in 5 different styles going from maxi to cropped and skinny. The trouser length also climbs from floor length, to ankle to mid calf to knee and reflects not only the transient spirit of the collection, but our general obsession with men’s trouser length.

Bomber jackets and cropped boxy tailored jackets are casual but don’t lack in attitude and lend themselves perfectly to the transient lifestyle of a city fashionisto.

The colour scale goes from Natural White, Lemon and Cherry Blossom Pink, to Indigo, Boudreaux and Dark Navy creating an intricate relationship between the dark and the bright. It mimics the changing nature of spring and lends itself to great styling options for those who want a wardrobe that works is many different ways.


Photographer: Florian Renner

Stylist: Zadrian Smith

Hair Stylist: Sven Bayerbach

Makeup Artist: Isabell Boettcher

Nail Technician: Roxanne Campbell

Talent: Niall @FM
Harry @ AMCK