Who are the indie band members who rehearse in the basement? Where are they from and what do they do by day? SS16 collection “Stereo” explores the lives of those cool guitar wilding brothers

“Stereo” brings together a wide range of inspiration under a concept where every idea is presented from 2 different angles. Inspiration is multicultural and has no real anchor in time, mixing menswear ideas that are rarely if ever seen together. This results in a collection that questions our preconceived ideas of menswear,

masculinity and style direction of the post metrosexual man.

SS16 collection presents unexpected combinations, layering, volumizing and shaping. The range of oversized and slim options in trousers, shirts and jackets should not confuse one. Every garment has a perfect partner depending on the physique of the owner and allows for layering and styling in multiple configurations. This is versatile wardrobe at it’s best.



Photographer: JC Verona

Stylist: Jeffrey Cameron

Hair Stylist: Michael Kontos (London School of Barbering)

Makeup Artist: Jo Colleta

Talent: Chi Wai @AMCK