Used in mathematical context, the Greek symbol ∆ (Delta) often implies change or movement. Rightly so, the Autumn Winter 15 collection caters to a current dedication to faster and more diverse living. In these ever-changing times, the modern man is not only busy; he engages in an eclectic lifestyle that requires versatile wardrobe choices.

“Delta” amalgamates elements from tailoring and sportswear, presenting garments that meld practicality, oozing of individual flair and cool modern elegance. The style is vibrant and hyper modern- and sits effortlessly on a city bike, gets you through a work meeting and a catch-up with friends at the favorite bar.

The key item for the season is the bomber jacket that has become a sporty yet luxurious “must-have” and is available in grey wool felt and green wool with herringbone denim mix. It’s the easy soft jacket that goes with whatever your day throws at you!

The raglan coats are a perfect complement to the bomber jackets and feature similar material and colour combinations. The metallic patent sleeve panels however, add a real wow factor to the wool coats and make them statement pieces that people talk about.

Wadded boxy jackets are a real winter favorite and come in small check silk and wool denim pinstripe quilting.

  The tailored jackets, available in emerald green and indigo, maintain a slim-cut with an obvious subtraction of the traditional collar and lapels. They can be combined with either a tailored suit trouser or skinny jeans in matching fabric.

In addition, the Icelandic mohair jumpers are hand knitted by a crafts guild in Estonia. As they are worn over time, the sweaters become more comfortable.  The hand adjusted stitch tension allows the garment to mold itself into the wearer’s body shape, which makes each individual jumper unique.


Photographer: JC Verona

Stylist: Abdul Adama

Hair Stylist: Michael Kontos  (London School of Barbering)

Makeup Artist: Jo Colleta

Nail Technician: Roxanne Campbell

Talent: ALFIE  G